Prepare for an eco-friendly summer!

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Summer is almost here and whether you’ll be lucky enough to get away for a fun filled getaway or whether you’ll be stuck at home or at work, here are some tips to be a little more eco-friendly in the warmer days ahead.


Take advantage of the longer and brighter days by opening the blinds or the curtains and letting in more natural light. Not only will you be saving electricity in your home or in your workplace, but exposure to natural light has also been proven to benefit your health, and productivity! 

Fresh air.

As well as opening blinds and curtains, if you can, proceed to directly opening windows, this way as well as natural light, you’ll also get some fresh air! Turning off the AC and cracking open a window is a perfectly green solution both when you’re working, reading a book, or driving around in your car. 

Sun dry.

If you have the space to do so, skip the dryer and line dry your clothes in the sun.


Keep temperatures under control.

Keep the temperature low in your home and save energy by keeping your shades drawn during the hottest hours or when you’re not home to avoid the room absorbing heat from the sun.

Also consider doing all your energy-heavy chores, such as laundry, dishes, vacuuming etc, off peak hours, in order to not only cut down on your energy bill, but again, prevent your home from heating up unnecessarily during the day.

Another way to keep temperatures under control naturally, is to plant a tree! Yes, this is only an option if you have a garden, and of course it’s not an immediate solution, but future summers will be a lot cooler with the nice shade it will provide! 

Stay hydrated with reusable bottles.

Although the general awareness regarding the impact single-use plastic have on our environment are becoming more and more widespread, this still hasn’t resulted in a significant drop in the use of disposable water bottles. Staying hydrated during the day is of course very important, but be sure to always have a reusable bottle with you that you can easily fill up at water fountains.
In summer though it’s also as important than ever to keep in mind basic tips to make sure water isn’t wasted. For example, at the end of the day, any water that’s left in your bottle can be used to water plants. Find out other easy ways to save water here


Grill safely.

If summer equals outdoor grilling season in your home, then be sure to use a propane gas grill, which burns cleaner than wood or charcoal. If you’re planning to invite family and friends over for a picnic or a backyard party be sure not to miss these tips on how to limit waste at BBQ's and backyard parties.

Remember the sunscreen

By now most of us know the impact that plastic pollution is having on our oceans and consequently on marine life and coral reefs, but what is not that commonly known is the effect sunscreen can have on those same ecosystems. When choosing sunscreen to wear at the beach, or for a walk outdoors, be sure to choose a non toxic one.

Travel wisely

Whether you can’t afford to travel far, or whether you don’t have many days off, a staycation is always a great eco-friendly summer solution! Make sure you know all the ways to travel more sustainably (from choosing your destination, to transport, to what to pack, to how to leave your home) here.

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