Minimalism: the art of needing less

Learning to live with fewer things can help us connect with ourselves, can make us feel lighter and create more space for new things in our lives.

But also, reducing our consumption is the most fundamental thing we can do to take care of nature. Simply through buying less of everything, you can significantly reduce your personal impact on the earth.

It starts with learning how to say no. Refusing to buy things we don’t need. And what you do buy, do it consciously. Buy things that will last. Remember: what is good for you will likely be good for the environment.

Throwing away?

If living green means buying less, surely we should hold onto the things we have? Throwing them away would be extremely wasteful! And isn’t that the opposite of the minimalist? In discovering we can live comfortably with few possessions; we don’t seek to buy new things as often. Minimalist living results in being more resistant to the wills of advertisers and less tempted by impulse buys.

All we need, is less.

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