Why sea forests could help save the planet

More than once, we've heard how the Amazon is our planet's lungs. However, according to UNEP, maritime forests can absorb 17 times more carbon than the Brazilian rainforest. This means that when we talk about reforesting, we should not only be looking above the surface. Despite being vital to ecosystem functioning and stopping global warming, these blue forests are being destroyed by industrial fishing and losing biodiversity.

Kelp forests

One amazing group of seaweed species are kelps. They can create incredibly biodiverse underwater algal forests. Some species form the forest canopy by growing as high as 50 meters tall, like Bull kelp and Giant kelp. These lush and biodiverse kelp forests are an oasis for life. 

As a nursery and refuge for many marine animals, they support our fisheries. They store carbon in their photosynthesising fronds, and their wave-buffering bodies are the surest defence some coastlines have against violent storms. They also clean up our waste: kelps can rapidly absorb nutrient pollution caused by fertilizers running off from farmland into the sea. 

Our mission
With the intention of being part of the solution, Leafico has developed a series of projects that seek to protect and regenerate the health of the sea. The first program was to team up with Sea Trees to collaborate in marine forest regeneration in California.


Why California?
Over the last 100 years, more than 90% of California's kelp forests have disappeared. Due to the human impacts of climate change and the removal of key predators like sea otters, sea urchins (which feast on the kelp) have proliferated to create "barrens" where kelp cannot grow. The good -once the urchins are removed - kelp is the fastest growing organism and can grow up to 2ft per day.

Besides, every square foot of giant kelp we help to restore:

  • Employs local fisher-people and divers
  • Creates critical habitat for 100s species
  • Carbon sequesters

How does this collaboration work?
Every time you shop with us, you are also helping to restore the oceans’ biodiversity and its capacity to sequester carbon dioxide. With every purchase, you are helping to restore 1 sqft of a blue forest.

Do you also want to be part of the solution?
You can donate directly with sea trees or just shop with Leafico, we take of the rest. :)

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