About Us


Founded in Vancouver, BC  - The Greenest City on Earth ( by 2020 :-) with the goal of saving the world from plastic pollution !


Plastic is one of the major cause of global warming, land and sea pollution, and at Leafico, we understand the responsibility to save the planet and go green!

We dreamt of creating eco-friendly solutions, and we are finally proud of sharing our dream come true with you!

Reuse it, Recycle it and Save !

Our mission is to make the world green, and so far we had a substantial amount of success. Every single one of our customers helps us make the world a greener place. One simple act at a time can make a big difference. Many people, who purchased Leafico reusable products, never looked back at using a plastic ones.

All in all, Green it!

Our motto is “Go Green and Save The Planet” and we are determined to it. We started Leafico with the intention to help save the planet, and we will keep contributing for years to come!


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